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PID Name Country Rank Flights Hours VATSIM IVAO Status
EWG001 Manuel Seiwald Austria Chief Flight Instructor CFI 1 10002.45 N/A N/A
EWG018 Charly Teapoint PO CEO Germany Chief Flight Instructor CFI 482 10234.17 1095969
EWG100 Michael Engl Germany Senior Flight Instructor SFI 202 2160.17 956559
EWG104 Daniel Waind Germany Senior Captain 114 357.04 1332693 N/A
On Vacation
EWG1560 Guido Heinke Germany Senior Captain 53 346.22 1431087 N/A
EWG1914 Mauro Isoni Italy First Officer 17 42.57 1388993
EWG1917 Martin Adamek Germany Captain 79 269.26 N/A
EWG2014 Karsten Groll Germany Captain 75 144.18 1445572 N/A
EWG2173 Raouf Rizk Spain Trainee 5 5.16 1318947
EWG2183 Ralf Ritter Germany Trainee 3 6.58 1092047 N/A
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